Capital Tranebjerg
Language Jutish · Samsoese
Religion Protestantism
Demonym Samsoese · Samsing
Area 133 km²
Population 38,019
Population density 185.9/km²
Currency SK

The Republic of Samsø or Samsø is a country in Europe. It is located in the Kattegat Sea, bordering Scandinavia to the east and south, and Jutland to the west and north. Samsø has a total of 133 km² and a population of 38,019. The country consists of 17 islands, the largest being Samsø.

Samsø is a member of the United Nations, Nordic Union, European Union and a founding member of Island Nations of the World.


Samsø gained independence from Jutland in 1972, after an independence referendum.


Samsø is located in northern Europe. The country consists of 17 islands, 14 of which are inhabited. The largest of these islands is Samsø, which holds 87.7% of the country's population.

Samsø has a temperate climate with mild winters and cool summers.

Fauna and floraEdit

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Around 5% of Samsø is forested and 68% is used for agriculture. European beech and Norway spruce are the most common types of trees. Silver birch can be found in smaller numbers as well. The Forestry Ministry is in charge of maintaining the forests of Samsø.

The roe deer can be found in small numbers all over Samsø, and is the only larger land mammal found in the country. Samsø is also home to smaller mammals like polecats, hares and hedgehogs. The largest marine mammals found in Samsø are the harbour porpoise and harbour seal, both of which can be found in large numbers in Stavns Bugt and along the coasts.

Cod, herring and plaice are common fish in Samsing waters, and are the basis for a large fishing industry.


Samsø is the only country in the world to use 100% renewable energy. The country has an Environment Ministry, and actively fights pollution and CO2 emission.

Administrative divisionsEdit

Samsø municipalities
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Latest local elections: Samsø regional election, 2017.

Samsø is divided into 12 municipalities, with Tranebjerg acting as its own municipality. Each municipality is lead by a Municipality Council, consisting of a mayor, deputy mayor and an additional six members. The members of the Municipality Councils are up for election every four years.


Latest parliamentary election: Samsø general election, 2015


Foreign relationsEdit

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Demographic Percentage
Samsoese 75%
Jutish 12%
Scandinavian 8%
Endelavian 4%
Others 1%

Others include Lübecker, Arkhangeler and Saharan.