Samsø municipalities

Samsø is divided into 12 municipalities, with Tranebjerg acting as its own municipality. The islands of Tunø and Endelave both act as individual municipalities. The islands in Stavns Bugt are all collected into one municipality. The island of Samsø is divided into nine municipalities.

Each municipality is lead by a Municipality Council, consisting of a mayor, deputy mayor and an additional six members. The members of the Municipality Councils are up for election every four years.


Municipality Capital Population
Tranebjerg Municipality Tranebjerg 12,589
Nordøen Municipality Nordby 5,578
Brattingsborg Municipality Brattingsborg 4,322
Sælvig Municipality Sælvig 2,421
Kolby Municipality Kolby 2,355
Endelave Municipality Louisenlund 2,009
Østsamsø Municipality Ballen 1,993
Toftebjerg Municipality Toftebjerg 1,768
Tunø Municipality Løkkegårde 1,426
Stavns Bugt Municipality Vejrø By 1,336
Heden Municipality Stavns 1,235
Pillemark Municipality Pillemark 987

Municipality CouncilsEdit