This list shows countries that have territory on multiple continents, including oversea territories.

Transcontinental countriesEdit

Country Continents
Template:Arawak flag Arawak Central America, South America
Arcticflag Arctic Asia, Europe, North America
Byzantiumflag Byzantium Europe, Middle East
Template:California flag California Central America, North America
Caspiaflag Caspia Asia, Middle East
Flag of Gibraltar.svg Gibraltar Africa, Europe
Gricelandflag Greenland and Iceland Europe, North America
Flag of the United Arab Emirates.svg Hormuz Asia, Middle East
Dk-jyske Jutland Africa, Europe
Persiaflag Panama Central America, South America
Persiaflag Persia Asia, Middle East
Philippinesflag Philippines Asia, Oceania
Qaraiflag Qarai Asia, Middle East
Template:Sonara flag Sonara Central America, North America
Template:Sunda islands flag Sunda Islands Asia, Oceania
Trebizondflag Trebizond Europe, Middle East