The following list shows all countries in the DWAH world.

Short and formal name
Flag of Oman.svg Al-Dhubi - Republic of Al-Dhubi
Alexandrettaflag Alexandretta - Republic of Alexandretta
450px-Flag of Andorra(1934).svg Andorra - Kingdom of Andorra
Arabiaflag Arabia - Sultanate of Arabia
Arcticflag Arctic - Republic of the Arctic
Flag of Arkhangelsk Oblast.svg Arkhangelskaya - Republic of Arkhangelskaya
Flag of Austria (state).svg Austria - Republic of Austria
Azur Azur - Republic of Azur
Flag of the Azores.svg Azores - Republic of the Azores
Baltica flag Baltica - Republic of Baltica
Balkan flag Balkan Union
Flag of Belarus.svg Belarus - Republic of Belarus
Flag of Brittany (Gwenn ha du).svg Brittany - Kingdom of Brittany
Byzantiumflag Byzantium - Republic of Byzantium
Caspiaflag Caspia - Republic of Caspia
Gdansk flag.svg Danzig - Republic of Danzig
800px-Flag of England.svg England - Kingdom of England
Flag of the Faroe Islands.svg Faroe Islands - Kingdom of the Faroe Islands
Urlfrance France - Republic of France
175px-Flag of Germany (state).svg Germany - Republic of Germany
Flag of Gibraltar.svg Gibraltar - Republic of Gibraltar
Flag of Greece.svg Greece - Republic of Greece
Gricelandflag Greenland and Iceland - Republic of Greenland and Iceland
Flag of the United Arab Emirates.svg Hormuz - Republic of Hormuz
Homsflag Homs - Republic of Homs
Bandeira Federalista Ibérica (1854).svg Iberia - Federal Republic of Iberia
Irelandflag Ireland - Republic of Ireland
Jordanflag Jordan - Sultanate of Jordan
Dk-jyske Jutland - Republic of Jutland
220px-Flag of Kamchatka Oblast.svg Kamchatka - Republic of Kamchatka
Flag of South Korea.svg Korea - Republic of Korea
Latakiaflag Latakia - Republic of Latakia
Liechmap Liechtenstein - Principality of Liechtenstein
Flag of Lorraine.svg Lotharingia - Demarchy of Lotharingia
Url Luxembourg - Republic of Luxembourg
Flagge der Hansestadt Lübeck.svg Lübeck - Republic of Lübeck
Flag of Malta.svg Malta - Republic of Malta
Flag of the Balearic Islands.svg Mallorca and the Balearics - Republic of Mallorca and the Balearics
Flag of the Isle of Mann.svg Manx - Republic of the Manx
Mesopotamiaflag Mesopotamia - Republic of Mesopotamia
Neustriaflag Neustria - Republic of Neustria
115px-Flag of Novgorod Oblast.svg Novgorod - Republic of Novgorod
Persiaflag Persia - Republic of Persia
125px-Flag of Poland.svg Poland - Republic of Poland
Qaraiflag Qarai - Federal Republic of Qarai
Rhodesmap Rhodes - Republic of Rhodes
Sabaflag Saba - Republic of Saba
Saharaflag Sahara - Federal Republic of Sahara
SamsøFlag Samsø - Republic of Samsø
Scandinavian Commonwealth Flag Scandinavia - United Scandinavian Kingdom
Download Scotland - Kingdom of Scotland
115px-Flag of Nenets Autonomous District.svg Severny - Republic of Severny
600px-Flag of Novosibirsk.svg Siberia - Republic of Siberia
Sinaiflag Sinai - Republic of Sinai
Socotraflag Socotra - Republic of Socotra
Svalbardmap Svalbard - Republic of Svalbard
115px-Flag of Sverdlovsk Oblast.svg Sverdlovsk - Republic of Sverdlovsk
115px-Flag of Tatarstan.svg Tatarstan - Republic of Tatarstan
Trebizondflag Trebizond - Republic of Trebizond
Vatiflag Vatican States - Theocracy of the Vatican States
Flag of Republic of Venice.svg Veneto - Republic of Veneto
Volgamap Volga - Republic of Volga
1200px-Flag of Sakha.svg Yakutia - Republic of Yakutia
Werdenflag Werden Abbey - Catholic Oligarchy of Werden Abbey

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