Europe is one of nine continents. It borders the continent of Asia to the east, and Middle East to the south-east. Africa is located to the south, across the Mediterranean Sea, and North America is located to the west across the Atlantic Ocean.

There are 43 countries in Europe.

Countries in EuropeEdit

Country Population Size Density
450px-Flag of Andorra(1934).svg Andorra 104,001 468 km² 222.2/km²
Arcticflag Arctic 8,822,515
Flag of Arkhangelsk Oblast.svg Arkhangelskaya 1,112,877 470,456 km² 2.4/km²
Flag of Austria (state).svg Austria 25,523,122 133,422 km² 191.3/km²
Flag of the Azores.svg Azores 248,812 2,333 km² 106.6/km²
Azur Azur 3,209,835 56,648 km² 56.7/km²
Balkan flag Balkan Union 18,153,421 255,593 km² 71.0/km²
Baltica flag Baltica 6,998,347 185,467 km² 37.7/km²
Flag of Belarus.svg Belarus 9,884,322
Flag of Brittany (Gwenn ha du).svg Brittany 4,888,192 34,023 km² 143.7/km²
Byzantiumflag Byzantium 82,129,430
Gdansk flag.svg Danzig 1,005,416
800px-Flag of England.svg England 44,216,624
Flag of the Faroe Islands.svg Faroe Islands 48,155 1,235 km² 39.0/km²
Urlfrance France 38,912,332 358,603 km² 108.5/km²
175px-Flag of Germany (state).svg Germany 72,293,521 317,215 km² 227.9/km²
Flag of Gibraltar.svg Gibraltar 75,845 31,674 km² 2.4/km²
Flag of Greece.svg Greece 8,744,291 109,120 km² 80.1/km²
Gricelandflag Greenland and Iceland 529,993 2,269,238 km² 0.2/km²
Bandeira Federalista Ibérica (1854).svg Iberia 51,872,553 573,374 km² 90.5/km²
Irelandflag Ireland 6,523,912
Dk-jyske Jutland 4,195,141 27,121 km² 154.7/km²
Liechmap Liechtenstein 51,092 160 km² 319.3/km²
Flag of Lorraine.svg Lotharingia 35,022,155 110,541 km² 316.8/km²
Url Luxembourg 524,129 2,586 km² 202.7/km²
Flagge der Hansestadt Lübeck.svg Lübeck 4,732,128 40,157 km² 117.8/km²
Flag of Malta.svg Malta 575,551 316 km² 1821.3/km²
Flag of the Balearic Islands.svg Mallorca and the Balearics 1,201,498 4,992 km² 240.7/km²
Flag of the Isle of Mann.svg Manx 93,722 572 km² 163.8/km²
Neustriaflag Neustria 22,763,232 144,702 km² 157.3/km²
115px-Flag of Novgorod Oblast.svg Novgorod 6,117,912
125px-Flag of Poland.svg Poland 36,563,512
Qaraiflag Qarai 76,112,442
Rhodesmap Rhodes 119,249
SamsøFlag Samsø 38,019 133 km² 185.9/km²
Scandinavian Commonwealth Flag Scandinavia 18,731,902 1,129,567 km² 16.6/km²
Download Scotland 8,812,226
115px-Flag of Nenets Autonomous District.svg Severny 6,715
Svalbardmap Svalbard 9,011 61,022 km² 0.1/km²
115px-Flag of Tatarstan.svg Tatarstan 3,221,722
Trebizondflag Trebizond 8,219,015
Vatiflag Vatican States 56,223,954 180,279 km² 311.9/km²
Flag of Republic of Venice.svg Veneto 1,592,338 2,902 km² 548.7/km²
Werdenflag Werden Abbey 854 4 km² 213.5/km²

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