There are nine political continents on Earth, making up the landmasses and islands around the world. In addition, there are four neutral zones, consisting almost entirely of ocean.

North America, Central America and South America are all located on the same landmass known as 'America' or 'the Americas'. Europe, Asia and the Middle East are located on the same landmass as well, known as 'Eurasia'.



Continet Countries Population Size Density
Africa 34
Antarctica 3 1,836,354
Asia 30
Central America 22
Europe 43 614,049,163
Middle East 16 233,408,620
North America 22
Oceania 22
South America 17

Neutral ZonesEdit

There are four neutral zones, each consisting almost entirely of ocean. There are some small islands scattered in those neutral zones, but all of them are uninhabited. Countries from the continents bordering the neutral zones, make an agreement to oversee and take care of the zones.

Neutral Zone 1 borders North America, Central America, South America, Europe and Africa. It also borders Neutral Zone 2.

Neutral Zone 2 borders South America, Africa and Antarctica. It also borders Neutral Zone 1.

Neutral Zone 3 borders Africa, Asia, Oceania and Antarctica.

Neutral Zone 4 borders Asia and Oceania.

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