Asia is one of nine continents. It borders the Middle East to the south-west and Europe to the west. Oceania is located to the south-east and North America to the north-east.

Countries in AsiaEdit

Country Population Size Density
Download-1 Afghanistan 30,291,145
Arcticflag Arctic 8,822,515
Asianconfederationflag Asian Confederation 862,521,802
Caspiaflag Caspia 39,622,116
900px-Flag of the Emperor of Manchukuo.svg Donghu 65,337,294
Gujaratflag Gujarat 62,621,772
Himalayaflag Himalaya 44,119,397
Flag of the United Arab Emirates.svg Hormuz 16,133,238
125px-Flag of India.svg India 272,831,554
220px-Flag of Kamchatka Oblast.svg Kamchatka 412,115
100px-Jammu-Kashmir-flag.svg Kashmir 11,630,842
Flag of South Korea.svg Korea 73,266,121
180px-Flag of the Federated Malay States (1895 - 1946).svg Malaysia 36,237,238
Flag of Maldives.svg Maldives 402,094
Marathaflag Maratha 235,100,293
Pakistanflag Pakistan 196,932,115
Palaflag Pala 647,093,573
Philippinesflag Philippines 92,512,522
Rajastanflag Rajasthan 68,115,262
600px-Flag of Novosibirsk.svg Siberia 36,112,654
Flag of Sri Lanka.svg Sri Lanka 19,736,548
115px-Flag of Sverdlovsk Oblast.svg Sverdlovsk 4,320,899
115px-Flag of Tatarstan.svg Tatarstan 3,221,722
Flag of the Turkic Council.svg Turkic Union 28,195,522
Tuyflag Tuyuhun 35,812,225
Volgamap Volga 4,551,267
1200px-Flag of Sakha.svg Yakutia 982,355

Not yet added: Pyu States, Nicobar Islands, Sunda Islands

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