Asia is one of nine continents. It borders the Middle East to the south-west and Europe to the west. Oceania is located to the south-east and North America to the north-east.

There are 30 countries in Asia.

Countries in AsiaEdit

Country Population Size Density
Download-1 Afghanistan 30,291,145
Arcticflag Arctic 8,822,515
Asianconfederationflag Asian Confederation 862,521,802
Caspiaflag Caspia 39,622,116
900px-Flag of the Emperor of Manchukuo.svg Donghu 65,337,294
Gujaratflag Gujarat 62,621,772
Himalayaflag Himalaya 44,119,397
Flag of the United Arab Emirates.svg Hormuz 16,133,238
125px-Flag of India.svg India 272,831,554
220px-Flag of Kamchatka Oblast.svg Kamchatka 412,115
100px-Jammu-Kashmir-flag.svg Kashmir 11,630,842
Flag of South Korea.svg Korea 73,266,121
180px-Flag of the Federated Malay States (1895 - 1946).svg Malaysia 36,237,238
Flag of Maldives.svg Maldives 402,094
Marathaflag Maratha 235,100,293
Nicobar Nicobar Islands 44,227
Pakistanflag Pakistan 196,932,115
Palaflag Pala 647,093,573
Philippinesflag Philippines 92,512,522
Puys Puy States 58,337,471
Rajastanflag Rajasthan 68,115,262
600px-Flag of Novosibirsk.svg Siberia 36,112,654
Flag of Sri Lanka.svg Sri Lanka 19,736,548
Sunda Sunda Islands 257,811,623
115px-Flag of Sverdlovsk Oblast.svg Sverdlovsk 4,320,899
115px-Flag of Tatarstan.svg Tatarstan 3,221,722
Flag of the Turkic Council.svg Turkic Union 28,195,522
Tuyflag Tuyuhun 35,812,225
Volgamap Volga 4,551,267
1200px-Flag of Sakha.svg Yakutia 982,355