Africa is one of nine continents. It borders the continent of the Middle East to the north-east. Europe is located to the north, across the Mediterranean Sea. South America and Central America is located to the west, across the Atlantic Ocean. Antarctica is located to the south.

Countries in AfricaEdit

Country Population Size
Flag of Gibraltar.svg Gibraltar 75,845
Saharaflag Sahara 26,821,322

Not yet added: Rabat, Morocco, Carthage, Algeria, Timimoun, Fezzan, Benghazi, Dakar, Mali, Akan, Ghana, United West Africa, Wadai, Kaffa, Ethiopia, Horn of Africa, Logone, Cameroon, Río Muni, Uganda, Kenya, Congo, Kilwa, Zanzibar, Malawi, Badjok, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zululand, Xhosa, Fish Hoek, United Islands of Africa.

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